(MG) महाराष्ट्र शासन पदभरतीच्या अनुषंगाने सूचना GR 2022

Maharashtra Government Recruitment Notice GR 2022 For long-term financial stability, it is important to adhere to the general principle that the average rate of expenditure on wages should not exceed the average rate of revenue growth. In view of this, reference no. 1 at Restrictions have been imposed by Government Resolution dated 02.06.2015. Also Government Resolution, dated 11.02.2016 and dt. As per 25.05.2017, instructions have also been given to review the sanctioned posts in the administrative department and the office under their jurisdiction and finalize the revised diagram. In the meantime. With regard to the financial measures to be taken against the economy in the financial year 2020-21 and 2021-22 due to the epidemic of Covid-19 virus infection, the Finance Department has issued a notification dated 04.05.2020 and dt. Detailed instructions have been issued by Government Resolution dated 24.06.2021.
अधिक माहितीसाठी खालील लिंक वर क्लिक करा👇👇👇

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