(RESULT) अनुकंपा तत्वावर नियुक्ती मिळण्याबाबतची सुधारित प्रतीक्षा यादी 2022

Dhule Anukampa Waiting List 2022 Group-C and Group-D regarding appointment of Dhule forest officer on compassionate basis revised waiting list has been declared. The updated waiting list dated 30-6-2022 of Group-C and Group-D regarding appointment of Dhule Forest Officer on Compassionate basis has been released through reference letter in the subject matter. Accordingly, the head of Namud office was advised to publish the said compassionate waiting list on the notice board of his divisional forest office and department. Also, if there is any objection of their office or the candidate regarding the said waiting list, it was suggested to inform this office within 15 days. Accordingly, the letter from the Conservator of Forests, Yaval Division, Jalgaon no. Room-12 / Astha/ P.No./ 11-12/1396/ 22-23 Dated 5-9-2022 The waiting list candidate at number 1 in the compassionate list Shri. Mahesh Suresh
Mahajan has been reported dead on 27/10/2020. Accordingly his name from the mercy list is being omitted. Also from the level of this office Mr. Saurabh Gajanan Pol’s name inadvertently included in the list had remained to be included. However, Mr. Amended list by including the name of Saurabh Gajanan Pol in the list is being published.
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